I imagine that you would like to take a walk with me.

Come, let me lead you by the hand, and show you a way you’d never be.

Never be, had I not met you.

Never be, had I not stared

At you, all those times, in longing;

Hoping you’d but notice that I cared

About you, enough to put aside the things I held most dear;

And the nonchalant nature I so much took the pain to bare

To all, as my countenance;

a front for the world to see.

My shield, done as my sustenance,

to mask vulnerability.

I Imagine that those are the words you would wish to hear me say,

To tell you to come with me and hold me closely; so that I may take you away.

To some far away land of bliss and wonder,

Of milk and honey, devoid of hunger.

That you come up in my thoughts, often and repeating;

That the time we had together was not but a period fleeting.

I imagine you don’t know that you were not the only one.

Whose lips I had to kiss, whose hair I had to c’ress, whose warmth I had become

Taken to whenever daytime was gone.

That ‘guilt’ was something alien to me in this, and in all my frolic,

With this fair one, that dark one, the other well-formed, curvy chic.

I imagine that you cannot conceive of all these things you’ve come to see.

That my gaining the affections of my interests is but a sport for me.

Two together at one time, or separate, to agree.

Black or white, male or female, whichever as the case may be.

A trail of broken hearts I have, in credit to my name.

A slew of offspring factored in, but just for added fame.

All is fair in war and love; for this there’s to be no shame.

It is but all of it, a part… a part of an alluring game.

Author:>> Anakadrian

This is intellectual property. Permission is required to use this article for any purpose, or in any form whatsoever; whether in full, or in part – where only the use of an excerpt of a few lines will be allowed – and with due acknowledgement of the author, as well as a link to the original webpage. 

© Le Coffee Spot 2016.


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