Five and less

That restless static

There are many mixed feelings during that interlude between the excitement of the inspiration for a new idea and the eventual setting out to start one. Not the most pleasant of these is doubt. All of a sudden, that eureka moment does not seem so bright and shiny; like it did when it first came to you in the restroom, or singing in the shower, or when that colleague of yours wished out loud that there be someone to do a particular thing for them some particular time.

The best way to conquer these feelings of doubt is yet unknown to me. I have tried many things which seemed to be the final ultimate play guide, but some last minute quirk soon made it obvious once again that there’s no one-size-fits-all remedy.

Let us tarry a little bit there, and observe that sometimes the doubt isn’t such a bad thing, as it does prevent us from undertaking some otherwise unnecessary or ultimately unproductive venture.  But that sort of doubt usually comes almost immediately after the epiphany, I guess. So we might easily differentiate it from the kind of doubt that plagues you when you have a well thought out or reasonable looking activity at hand.

You may want to discuss your plans with some trusted person that has already waded into the murky waters of your type of ideas, and can be said to be doing well in it, so as to see a sound perspective to things. But if the idea is so avant-garde and there’s that possibility you’ll be the pioneer of said awe-inspiring thingy, just go ahead, close your eyes and do it; for, be assured, there are probably many other more ridiculous things which people have done – and shockingly, are proud of! – than that nagging idea of yours which just won’t go away no matter what. Stick to it, pursue what it is if it makes you a better person and builds you up.

If you find that it is sapping an inordinate amount of your time and energy, (in what should actually be the most exciting stage – the intro stage, the initial, starry-eyed, big-dreamed-before-economic-and-or-other-harsh-realities-finally-hit-you-smack-in-the-face planning stage – then you’re either not doing it right and need a new approach; or should not be doing it at all. Now, if you’ve got all that down pat, then all that remains is that you stick to the idea and be consistent; after a while comes your lucky break. Or, having gained so much experience in said field, you could serve as a source of direction for others. Not such a bad deal, I might say.

However, if you find that a lack of popularity is directly proportional to your dwindling desire to keep going, you should re-examine your intentions. If you then see finally that you partake in what you do mainly for the love of doing it, you can at least take some consolation from the fact that most great ideas are hardly appreciated in their time.  ♦

Author: Anakadrian

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