We are here


We are not known for much here.

We are liars, snakes and no good touts, thieves, agberoes and hustling beings.

We are not nice people, we know that. But the world is not a nice place and we survive.

So you ask, how can these pocket picking, weed smoking, gin drinking, shirtless dancing people find a way to thrive?

Well bumbling dreamer, the trick is in your treachery.

You see, we are not people of long-term establishments.

A meal today is a meal today.

A hustle today can’t reach tomorrow.

So grab your nylon rice to go and sip a beer to drown your sorrows.

At dusk, we need a little rest.

In those streets we lay our heads,

Watch the children wander off between the walls of broken houses.

Catch the rats that poke too much and if it’s a large one, roast it all.

Blast that music, stretch your legs.

And though our dreams refuse to rise above the market smell,

Have no doubt that we are here.

Author:>> RaydonBlackstone

Copyright 2016

This is intellectual property. Permission is required to use this article for any purpose, or in any form whatsoever; whether in full, or in part – where only the use of an excerpt of a few lines will be allowed – and with due acknowledgement of the author, as well as a link to the original webpage. 

© Le Coffee Spot 2016.


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