Diary of an Undercover Junkie

Took a bite at insanity
I took a dive out of reality
And I found myself swimming in front of a train underwater
It was going to hit me like shark chasing a bleeding human

“What if our realities are hallucinations that one person had?”

It was so dope and original
Everyone began to envy it
People kept sharing it
Forced themselves to be it
And it became reality

“What if our alternate universe was once our home?”

But now it’s just a dark, inhabitable place
Because we took the sun with us

“What if the mad ones are actually the original ones?”

They are so free in their world
After all wasn’t man made to be free?

“What if your finger prints was the code to your own paradise?”

Made for you
Because this world feels so fucking small
But our wants are unimaginable
We remain insatiable

“What if the unimaginable things were the things that actually belonged to us?”

Because I don’t understand why someone would tell me that I can’t get exactly what I want without losing myself

“What if I’m not afraid to lose myself?”

I screamed out loud, as I rose from the ocean’s bed to breathe in air
Only to find myself seated in a plane the shape of a submarine
And the ocean was the milky way
So I was never swimming
Even though I took a dive
I was living

Author: Taygeeree


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