Five and less, reflection

Face Value

The first image a person usually looks at in a group picture is his own; then, probably, that of a certain special someone. Next is that of a perceived rival or enemy. For the rest, a cursory glance is what would normally suffice.


The first words a person usually takes to mind are the words of the rest; being eager to win them over to his side. Then, probably, the words of a perceived rival or enemy; to attend whatever may be said with wariness, judgment or contempt. Next are the words of a certain special someone; the words usually not paid their deserved attention, due to the belief of said special someone’s inability to speak without sentiment… (A case of the value of words being tainted by the person’s lack of a subconscious need to win over one who already holds them in high esteem.)

As for the person, a cursory thought would usually suffice to establish whatever his initial opinion was.


“A picture is a thousand words.” I’ve often heard said.


What a load of stress for a mind then, to bother about comparisons and muddling words, and about opinions that are not going to be taken.  ♦

Author: Anakadrian

All rights reserved.

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