I arrived on a Sunday night. It rained in the morning and for most of the afternoon, so the squelching of soggy earth beneath my shoes wasn’t unexpected. Ordinarily, I hated it; the sound: “squish”, “squish” …like a bowl of earthworm noodles sizzling over a fire, stewing in a pan full of mucus laden pus. This time however, I did not mind. It seemed to be the only familiar thing here – the sounds my shoes created – in this strange place I found myself. Do not be too surprised. The surprise would be in my having a conventional “stop over to see how the neighbour is doing” kind of visit. I’m wont to finding myself in strange places. Work hazard.

My name is Erikwe, and I am an exorcist. Let’s work with that, even though I know “demon slayer” sounds way cooler.

So here I am, once again, about to do my thing. My fame had spread since my last job. There, I freed a family held hostage by some diminutive mat-carrying spirits with distended bellies. Ugly devils, they were; with bulging eyes and pointed ears. Funny enough, their teeth were well shaped and perfectly white, only made red by the blood that flowed freely from the wounds of the youngest child of the sorry lot they lashed severally with their fascinatingly flexible rods.

…to be continued

Author: Anakadrian

All rights reserved.


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