Fall often.

A pestle applied gently
Will not break the mortar’s head
Will crush the yam into a paste
And some salt added for taste

Just another of the many human ones;
Those creatures he made to please
Him or them, if three persons in one:
The Godhead considered somewhat

Tell me, Do You think you know me?
If yes, then Praise the gods.
Maybe you can tell me who I am.
It does not seem I know for sure.

Between Geniuses and mad men
There is a thin line
Thankful to know how to crisscross
And still pass oneself off as fine

It is a temporary wish; a state.
Questions asked will yield no answer
The falling apart, A crumbling of minds.
Jack fell down and broke his crown.
The emotions came tumbling after.

Can you please turn off the freezer
As you put the generator on.
We have two cans and leftover pizza
The beer is hot but the wine is not.

To and fro is not expensive
And we won’t pay when we get there
Drop to Abuja one way trip
You’ll pay half. Go and come here.

You alone 25000.
And It’s okay, yeah.
I left because of your noise
And you still knock on my door.

A dusty looking mallam
Toted a calf leg
The bearded fella really didn’t
look like he had hatred for none.


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