Welcome to the spot



For when there’s been had just about enough of talk concerning politics, shocking and depressing news updates, or some article with an affiliate link to some incredible money making scheme.

Welcome to the Coffee Spot, straight outta Nigeria, where you can deny the existence of these woes, and so leave off the worrying about them for some other day.

Anecdotes, introspection, amusing tales, and some poetry and alternative genre writing (for when you’re just about done reading conventional “serious minded” books.) The hub for literary awesomeness and miscellaneous forms of badassery. We keep it real.

Basically, it’s the thought spot: kinda like a hotspot for reasonable minds.

You see what I did there, yeah? With WiFi and stuff, like… I know, right? The wit, the astute punning, the flow, the… the…

Some say I’m a freaking genius.