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If you are an ordinary, everyday, non-evangelical, unholy person like me you may probably have on occasion thought about the possibility of any form of truth to the claims of religion; perhaps tired of the encumbrance of the streamlined and restricted non-religious thought that everything ends here on earth after our death; and the need – not particularly a desperate one, but a need none the less – to know that there is some “greater purpose”, if I may, to living.

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Let us, for now, skip the step of deciding on whether or not it is rational to believe there is no God. So that I should easily say it is rational to think that since if one believes that either way there is, or perhaps there is not a supreme god, then there is nothing to lose in deciding on believing in one.

Now, a rational choice has been taken to believe in what is soon to become a matter of faith. Now, since erstwhile rational non-belief couldn’t answer all the mysteries of existence, we may have to cut some slack and push aside the hopeful expectation that belief and faith will.

There were, there are, and there will continue to be unanswered questions of man’s existence. But the good thing faith would do for you is to make you realise that these questions are left unanswered for good reason; and so there you have less things to bother yourself with and more time to get ahead with your productive life endeavours.

Concerning the origin of the world, I can confidently say it is irrational to believe there isn’t a creator. I have no apologies for seeing the orderly chaos of the universe as no accident, or the timely cycles of nature; or the artistic design and organisation of living creatures and biological systems right down to the cellular level. Decidedly, the tale can fly that there is a creator of the heavens and the earth. It is belief in the Christian version of this tale that is the part which is tricky.

Now getting back to our skipped step; belief in a god is rudimentary. And this god could be anything; even yourself.

So with a mental notepad and pencil we decide to hash out our parameters for belief in a type of god, and you should want to believe in a type of god the idea of which tends closest to rationality as it can, compared to the others. We ignore all previously learned fantastical creation stories told in such a way as to be easily understood by the masses.

Selfish interest comes as first impulse to human men. (I am not a chauvinist, that is just me being poetic, lol). So it is a given that some will misconstrue and so form their beliefs to suit said purpose. Twist words to their selfish ends, take the most noble of actions or innocuous of statements and give it such unbelievable analysis that makes your jaw drop.

So it has to be correct that the supreme god to believe in is yourself. Yes, let us work with that.

But then you know yourself and are acutely aware that you are anything but supreme. One mosquito bite and you are writhing in pain and shaking like a leaf in the harmattan wind. So, no, you cannot afford to be irrational enough to believe yourself a god.

Or maybe you are a god, but of course a lesser one; but why bother going through the trouble of serving a lesser god at all if you can’t get to serve an all-powerful one?

Now we take another angle of where the belief is not to be confused with selfish interest of its followers; where we look not so much at the conduct of its believers, than at the actual message being preached.

In the message preached, we should want such a belief that is open-minded and not ready to send you to eternal damnation even when you are repentant, or kill you at the slightest perceived provocation even with whatever “offences” of yours being done with non-malicious intent.

We should want a god that loves its creatures… well, at least in theory, (Indeed, a father that loves his child would still flog him, or let him suffer some things to gain good experience)

Of all the gods I am most intrigued by, the one that can practically take on their creations’ mortal form and can die for them is that who piques my interest most… Not taking up flesh merely due to a wish to swive the earthly female creatures possessing heavenly curves; consequently siring a slew of half-breed bastard demi-gods and superhuman folk as offspring. (…Zeus, Wehdone Sir!)

The closest god to the above mental parameters comes quite distinctly, which has informed the decision to flirt with Christianity. (Well, that, and Christianity being a religion I am quite familiar with and feel the least fear for my life to dare to speak so loosely about.)

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