TheSpot is Hiring.


A notice to all interested writers possessing ease of expression and the talent to captivate and inspire readers.

Come be our guest, and show everyone what you have to offer as they crawl the web.


– Maximum word count per article is 800 words, and minimum is 300 (depending on prompts written for.)

–  One thousand Naira shall be paid for each selected article. (A minimum of 20 possessing the quality we seek.)

–  Some authors of selected articles will be paid at the rate of one naira per word for all subsequent submissions upon request, (based on agreed terms and conditions) should they wish to continue writing for theSpot.

–    Only one entry per individual is allowed, so make it count.

–   All participants are to SUBSCRIBE TO/FOLLOW this site via email, and share the posts and articles via the various social media links (COMPULSORY)

– A download, at this link>> HERE (Not a compulsory purchase, but strongly recommended. A guide of sorts, with prompts, so you do not end up spending time writing 800 or more words we really do not care for. Preference of a fair degree will be given to those who do. **Scratch that, it’s required. The cost is a pittance, anyway.)

–   Submissions are to be made to as an attachment in MS word format, 11pt, Arial, 1.5 line spacing. Participant name should be the title of the attachment, and within the article, only title and word count should be included, at the beginning.